Do You Make These Mistakes When Selling Your House in Omaha NE?

Ok. You’ve decided to sell your Omaha house. Most sellers want a quick and easy sale once it hits the market. No tire kickers, looky-loos, or nosy neighbors. You want one showing then a bonafide offer presented. Sounds like the perfect situation, doesn’t it? I get it. I’ve been there, too.

However, there’s a little more to it than that. Let’s imagine you’re a buyer …

1). How clean is your home? Of course, one that is spotless gets noticed more than one that is just vacuumed. Not only do the carpet and floors need to be unstained, the walls should be scrubbed along with the trim. Yeah, really. Don’t neglect the appliances including the small ones. Top of the refrigerator. Handles on the dishwasher, oven, and the refrigerator. Eliminate the clutter. Remember, you’re in the buyer’s shoes.

2). And then there was light. Make your rooms seem larger by taking advantage of the natural light. Pull back the heavy fabric window coverings if you have them. Using white colors increase the brightness of a room. Side note: it also shows the cleanliness(OR not!) of the rooms.

3). Park it here, bub. Yes, curb appeal. Does your yard need a trim and a little off the side? Hire the 13-year old down the street to give it a simple cut. And don’t forget about the trees and bushes. A snip here, a tuck there. You don’t need to be the next Picasso but can you swing a paint brush on the front door? Remember, you’re in the buyer’s shoes.

4). Got porch? Yes, that place where you spend those balmy summer evenings with your significant other. Make sure the railings and steps are secure and stable. Nothing like fighting a potential lawsuit while trying to sell probably the biggest investment in your life! Also, a few potted plants and an attractive welcome mat can do wonders in their simplicity.

5. Basically, if it needs fixing or replacing, you need to fix it or have someone else do it. Cracked or broken concrete, windows and panes, gutters, screens, etc. And it can go on and on. Remember, you’re in the buyer’s shoes.

But what if you don’t have the time or money to do all the repairs yourself? Is there a simpler way to show your house AND get it sold? Why yes there is, kemosabe.

The people we work with here in Omaha, NE and the surrounding areas are able to sell their house fast – even after one showing – with no closing costs, no commissions, in as-is condition, move when they want, and all closings are done with a reputable attorney.

“But what if my house is in perfect condition?” I heard that. Here’s the best part –

WE CAN BUY PRETTY HOUSES FOR FULL MARKET PRICE in Omaha NE! And the surrounding areas. If you’re a little flexible, we can come to terms and buy your house.

But there’s one thing you must do. Call, text or fill out the short form so we can respond with an offer in 21 hrs! That’s it. No pressure, obligation.

As I sit here writing this post, I’m not sure why anyone who is trying to sell their house wouldn’t take a few minutes to fill out the short form(if they’re serious about selling and getting on with their life!) … but people will be people. Remember …

“You’re one click away from selling your Omaha house fast” –

Tom DeVoe

P.S. And please download our gift to you, the “Home Sellers Guide to Success” quick-read. Find it on our FAQ page…before your neighbor does. One of you will make the right decision! 😉

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